On July 4th in history, America declared itself an independent nation. Some 241 years later, we are proud to celebrate our freedom, but we can’t overlook so many in America and around the world that are still struggling every day at their offices. The world is at the mercy of data and even though many recognize that a change is needed they continue attempting to grow their business on…spreadsheets.

Like a weed in a garden that just won’t die, spreadsheets often innocently make their way into your workflow. Maybe someone just wanted to do a quick side by side comparison, maybe it was just easier to get all of that data into one place, then someone created a lookup table and that was transformed into a newer version with a slightly different calculation. The flexibility that spreadsheets provide can quickly become their ultimate weakness.  No company is immune. Unless of course you make sure to use the latest spreadsheet, the one named “latest_one_imprtnt_use_this_one_rev48_finalv7.xls,” right?

Mistakes can be the result of a typo, a missing field, broken formulas or failure to secure and lock down rights. If you haven’t had to dig through a complex matrix of spreadsheets, tabs, formulas, and tried to figure out who changed what and where it all went wrong; consider your business lucky. Mistakes can be devastating and todays commodity and raw materials markets require more structure, control and dedicated applications that eliminate double entry, greatly reduce the chance of errors and have relational databases that can quickly and easily monitor position and risk. After all, a single typo or oversight can corrupt corporate findings and shift strategy leading to losses that can sink any organization.

Today’s complex commodity markets demand more clarity and control. Data needs to be accurately recorded and traders, buyers and executives should have role specific rights to enter and analyze key performance indicators at will. Further advantage lies with organizations that rely on industry and role specific commodity management software that was built to meet the exact needs of their business.

Eximware was built around the commodity industry. Our Partner XM commodity management platform was developed to address the complex nature of commodity markets with role specific configurations, an intelligent workflow friendly layout and built-in reporting that provides real-time analysis into a company’s commodity positions.

Our centrally managed cloud based commodity software solutions help companies along the entire coffee, cocoa, tea, nuts and non-ferrous metals supply chain manage an end-to-end commodity workflow from origin up to the point of processing. Our commodity specific platform acts as the perfect front end and integrates to nearly any accounting or ERP. Many mid-sized through enterprise companies have already made the jump from Excel and other non-industry specific packages to Partner XM. Be the next to partner with Eximware, the industry standard and leading provider of commodity management software to traders, exporters, importers and processors in the coffee, cocoa, tea and metals industry.

About Eximware

Eximware is the leading provider of commodity procurement and management solutions because our company has been dedicated to meeting the needs of the commodity trading and sourcing community since inception in 2000. We pride ourselves in partnering with the companies that rely on our software to improve efficiency, automate documentation, forecast raw material and commodity demand and make intelligence driven decisions that promote higher profitability. If you already know spreadsheets are holding back your business, you’re on the right path. Please give us the opportunity to learn more about your business and determine if we can help. Contact us for an initial call or to schedule a demo.