Intelligence Driven Private Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers

Transacted and counting

Eximware e-commerce solutions promote competition and establish market driven pricing. By centralizing sourcing, procurement and negotiation, counterparties can work cohesively to efficiently contract for goods and services.

Commodities and Raw Materials

Private marketplace to conduct business with pre-approved counterparties and suppliers

Streamlined Centralized and Cost Effective

  • Customizable for any commodity, raw material or ingredient
  • Optimize sourcing
  • Dictate quality
  • Automate quote¬† and negotiation process
  • Manage user level spend limits
  • Promote competition
  • Capture and analyze all pre-trade related activity

Freight Sourcing
and Scheduling

Request, review and contract spot freight quickly and efficiently.

Centralized Spot Freight Buying

  • Broadcast freight requirements to pre-approved vetted providers.
  • Compare price and quality of service
  • Negotiate and settle upon terms
  • Record historic performance
  • Centralize contracting for services
  • Promote labor and cost savings
  • Establish deeper relationships
  • Configurable for all sourcing types
  • Provides real-time and historic pricing
  • Calculates vendor performance
  • Sends system, email and sms notifications of new requests, offers and activities
  • Built in financial and audit ready reporting
  • Reduces costs associated with sourcing
  • Configure user permissions and spend limits
  • Integrates with Partner XM commodity management and third party ERP systems
Centralized sourcing has saved countless hours and promoted competition among suppliers to quote their best price. We’ve witnessed measurable benefit.
Leading consumer foods company
XM Marketplace for Freight eliminates the need to make countless calls and sort through quotes. Labor savings alone pays for the system.
Coffee Import Company

Why is Eximware the leading choice for processors and manufacturers?

XM Marketplace sourcing solution was built through partnership with world leading consumer and wholesale brands.
Its cloud-based architecture and unique pricing model offers a quick and measurable return on investment.

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