Partner XM for Coffee Exporters and Millers

Eximware coffee export software is configured to overcome the challenges associated with procuring and milling cherry or parchment and converting to green coffee for export. The industry specific solution is configured with built-in workflows that have been customized for global export trade from sourcing to sale, including buying green from brokers. For example, users can easily incorporate historic yields into into purchase pricing formulas to drive profitable business decisions. Partner XM has extensive out of the box capabilities for mid through large exporters, cooperatives and brokers.

  • Monitor overall position and risk of finished goods in equivalent exportable categories

  • Centralize sourcing from multiple entities on cloud based or locally installed platform

  • Record and manage both standard and actual yields

  • Issue advances and loans to suppliers to be settled with delivered product

  • Forecast process inventory conversion yields from raw materials to finished goods

  • Automate sales contract preparation including pricing (forward or spot) and shipping instructions

Partner XM software for coffee exporters provides an end-to-end supply chain solution platform for sourcing raw materials, converting cherry inventory, automating document creation and reporting necessary when selling finished lots of green coffee.