The sun has barely risen. Time for a drink. Luckily, by the time I stretch and get out of bed, my supportive family usually has one ready for me. They understand that I drink for my health and for the benefit of everyone around me. Not only am I aloof or ornery if I don’t have my “morning fuel,” but the inevitable headache that hits me by early afternoon is far from pleasant. If you’ve ever had that eye-stabbing head-pounding sensation you likely empathize with my plight. I’m at the point where one cup won’t do it. I’ll need at least two, but preferably a steady stream throughout the day.

Before you pass judgement, consider that I am not alone. Nearly everyone I work with has a drink or sometimes two before making it into the office. That’s not an excuse; just a fact. I’m a creature of habit and know what I like. Besides as I alluded to earlier I drink for my well-being and for those around me. When I arrive at work no one is offended and often there is a fresh pot waiting for me. Don’t hold it against me if I grab the last cup. I’ll gladly make more coffee. What did you think I was talking about?

I’ve been telling people this type of rhetoric for years and most agree. My life and their lives are better with coffee. If anyone seems sluggish in the morning my first question is generally, did you have any coffee yet? Yawning before that afternoon meeting? Let me brew another pot. Remember, Coffee = Health + Happiness. I may have made up that equation but it’s proving true.

Science is finally ready to back my stance.  A number of studies have been published finding that people who consume more than 2 cups of coffee per day likely benefit from a reduced risk of prostate cancer, stroke and Alzheimer. Who wouldn’t sign up for that?

News that was once limited to coffee industry websites has finally hit the mainstream. Numerous articles have been released and rehashed that further validate drinking coffee can be very good for everyone. If you aren’t already a coffee drinker or haven’t had a cup in years there is more great news. It’s never too late to try and it’s a great time to join the movement. Whether you live in a big city or small suburb importers and exporters are working with roasters to bring great coffee to your neighborhood. You can now order great beans online but retail shops with varying roast and brew methods are also popping up all over the world. Roast levels, flavor profiles and quality may vary but experts agree that the selection is poised to keep improving.

Excellent organizations like Coffee Quality Institute, World Coffee Research, Specialty Coffee Association, National Coffee Association and too many others to list, have made strides in promoting consistent high quality standards alongside a sustainability movement that has empowered farmers to grow better coffee beans. From export through import and processing, participants along the supply chain have worked together transforming a commodity into a plethora of high value specialty coffees. The lives are farmers are also improving through this movement ensuring a sustainable supply of high quality green coffee beans. Exporters, importers and roasters are working with the aforementioned organizations to improve the industry and we get to savor the benefits. I consider myself extremely lucky to so thoroughly enjoy a product that has such powerful backing.

I will admit though, that I wasn’t always a coffee drinker. Even while typing this post, I think back to my naivety. I used to get my caffeine fix from energy drinks and neon green soda. Luckily, my pallet has evolved and after shopping exclusively for high quality specialty coffee for the past few years; I’ll never go back. Although I tend to be picky about my origins, roasts and brew method; I’m just happy to share a cup or conversation with colleagues that care so much about the success of the people behind the great coffee I get to enjoy.

Since 2000, Eximware (our team) has supported and partnered with the coffee community by providing consulting and innovative software solutions that handle all aspects of the coffee supply chain. We recently began working directly with Coffee Quality Institute to support their Q System and our coffee commodity management and procurement software platforms have been recognized among peers as the “industry standard”  for the coffee community. We continue to extend our reach by partnering with our user community and the organizations that support them.

If we haven’t already, or maybe if it’s been awhile, we would love the opportunity to learn more about your business and see if we might be able to help you take it to the next level. Eximware procurement and commodity management software solutions help participants along the entire commodity supply chain of green coffee including origin exporter, importer, processor/roaster and organizations that promote sustainability and profitability. Learn more on our site or contact us to get started.