e-Commerce Sourcing and Procurement Software

Eximware’s e-commerce service and commodity sourcing platform, XM Marketplace, is designed to leverage the web as a medium for negotiation while preserving the business requirements and controls of a commodity contract. Subscribers can use the e-commerce sourcing platform as an electronic trade blotter to negotiate and agree upon price, quality, delivery and any other terms. This platform is great for price discovery and assuring the best price.

XM Marketplace can significantly improve staff productivity and counterparty reach, resulting in improved price realization and diversity of suppliers. Major global food and beverage corporations use the XM Marketplace to procure hundreds of millions of dollars of agricultural commodities and services annually.

Raw Materials Sourcing E-Commerce Marketplace

Container Ship e-commerce Commodities

XM Marketplace for Raw Materials allows sourcing and procurement teams to effectively and efficiently source commodities, ingredients and raw materials of the desired quality and origin. Eximware solutions reduce labor costs, optimize processes, record and analyze data and encourage educated decisions that result in higher profits without sacrificing quality or buyer/seller relationships. Our online e-commerce sourcing platform software solution has helped connect food and beverage purchasers with approved suppliers for over 16 years.

Service Sourcing Managers e-Commerce Marketplace

Freight Services e-Commerce

XM Marketplace for Services allows businesses to centrally manage spot market bids for freight services. Once configured with pre-approved service providers the e-commerce sourcing platform automates the distribution of requests for services to all providers through system notifications, email and sms text messaging. The online platform acts as a central point of notification, communication, negotiation and record for deal execution saving time while promoting cost reduction.

Service Providers

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XM Marketplace for Services grants service providers a streamlined process for matching available capacity with freight demand on the spot market. Freight providers looking to improve efficiency and run at full capacity can use XM Marketplace for Freight to quickly and easily connect with buyers that initiate requests initiating proactive notifications of their needs over text, email and system messages. Operators or drivers can then respond, negotiate and contract for services on Eximware’s cloud based remote accessible e-commerce platform. Don’t drive empty. To learn more about e-commerce and XM Marketplace for Services contact us to apply as a qualified provider.

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