A nice overcast day is the best time to take photographs. The lighting isn’t overpowering, there is no glare and natural beauty shines through. In the same light, using commodity cloud technology to manage essential parts of a business is the best way to gain access, analytics and control to make more efficient intelligence driven decisions that can drive profit. As WiFi hot spots continue to pop-up and cellular networks widen their coverage businesses are no longer confined to a walled in environment with fluorescent lighting.

We have seen more of our clients and colleagues outside on the farm, in a warehouse, roasting facility, metal processing plant or simply enjoying a cup of coffee at a local specialty cafe working away. With powerful procurement tools and the ability to monitor position and trade activity from nearly anywhere our commodity management platforms are being accessed 24/7 from locations all over the globe. The Eximware secure cloud continues to serve the metals and agricultural industries and we will have some exciting updates in the new year. Stay tuned or request to speak to us or see a demo today.