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Eximware Donates $10,000 to Coffee Quality Institute Origin Fund

By |2023-04-20T12:15:36-04:00April 20th, 2023|Categories: Miscellaneous|

Stamford, CT (April 20th, 2023) - Eximware, a leading provider of commodity trading and risk management software solutions, announced today that they have donated $10,000 to the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) Origin Fund to support coffee education in underserved communities.  CQI is a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of coffee and the lives [...]

Maximizing Commodity Management Efficiency

By |2023-03-20T14:53:38-04:00March 20th, 2023|Categories: Miscellaneous|

Commodity management is an essential aspect of any business dealing with commodities. However, managing multiple commodities can be a complex and challenging task, especially if you're handling them manually. Fortunately, with the help of commodity management software like Eximware, you can streamline your operations and simplify the process. Eximware is a leading provider of commodity management software that helps [...]

Exploring the Latest Coffee Roaster Trends: From Sustainable Sourcing to Innovative Roasting Techniques

By |2023-03-13T13:36:11-04:00March 13th, 2023|Categories: Coffee Blog, Miscellaneous|

The coffee industry is one that is steeped in tradition, yet is constantly evolving to meet the demands of consumers. As a roaster, you are at the forefront of this industry, responsible for bringing out the unique flavors and characteristics of each coffee bean. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the latest trends and [...]

CQI Announces Generous Donation by Eximware

By |2023-03-13T13:38:45-04:00October 27th, 2020|Categories: Miscellaneous|

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. (October 1, 2020) Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) is grateful to announce a generous donation by Eximware, Inc. towards CQI’s strategic mission. The Stamford, CT based Cloud Commodity Management Software company will provide technology services in support of CQI’s global Information Management Platform (IMP) that serves CQI’s members across the world.“The entire Eximware team is extremely [...]

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